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Behind the Counter

Dennis Hart is owner, operator, and manager. We have three full-time employees. All are avid fishermen. They can tell you whatís biting and where. Chances are the person waiting on you was out fishing last night or is going fishing as soon as they get done with their shift behind the counter.

We are all about service. Not sure where to fish or what bait to use for what type of fishing? Have trouble identifying your catch or getting your bait hooked up properly? When you step up to our counter, donít be afraid to ask questions. We always have time for a friendly chat with our friends and the new friends we havenít met yet. And if thereís something you like to use and you donít see it on the display rack, ask for it. We may have it in the back or we can special order it for you. We want our customers to have a great fishing experience every time they get a chance to go fishing. Dennis says fishing is like golfing. The more you do it the better you get at doing it.

No matter who is behind the counter, you'll get our best service...

Ticket info - call 800-555-1212